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e-Learning System(Moodle)

So you have fixed budget and as a student or a teacher, you want to attain or impart E learning respectively? Is that right? With Moodle, the world's advanced and preferred open-source learning management tool, we at Om Software have each of the themes covered for you. We offer premium Moodle system, furnished with multiple neat features and support to help you at just every step of E learning and teaching expertly.

Invoice, Billing & Payroll

Om Software facilitates your invoicing, billing and payroll to be easier, faster and more feasible! With years of rich expertise and experience in designing and developing software systems, we have lately designed innovative and versatile software for invoicing, billing and payroll that can serve you best in all the three different ways concisely and timely. So with this trendy available system, just rest assured that you can send and maintain your invoices, billing and payroll like never before.

Hospital Management

Om Software's exclusive hospital management software is designed considering the global medical experts involved in clinics and hospitals to help them manage the different hospital tasks efficiently and expertly at no-brainer price rates. Check online all the way through and you won't find such a versatile hospital management tool software boasting a plenty of incredible features at such an affordable price!


Om Software's Point of Sale or POS sale is a groundbreaking tool that is designed to work flawlessly with your different business needs. With this special and handy system, you can look forward to manage your business tasks effortlessly and efficiently without burning a hole in your pocket. To be exact, our POS tool helps you put down your sales, accept credit cards and track inventory more effortlessly than any other similar tools out there

Online Food Ordering System

Get all the hassles and worries out of your mind when it comes to order food online. Whether you own an eatery or a gourmet who wants to place a home deliverer order, Om Software's foolproof and state-of-the-art online food ordering system will make you always feel happy and contented end to end. No more laid-back food orders, no more holdups and certainly no further cancellation or losses. With our expert food ordering system, all you just need to feel is stress free.

Project Management System

Get the confidence to manage your projects and team effortlessly online via Om Software's Project Management System. In your sincere efforts to enable your team work adeptly all the time, our project management tool is assured to carry out your different projects such as organizing your project's deadlines, documents, conversations and more end to end proficiently. You get the overview you want without any hassle whilst your team stays lined up and focused.

Travel Booking System

Om Software's next-generation powerful and adaptable travel booking system is a goldmine for global travel agencies. The highlight of the tool is that it is furnished with a dominant booking management feature and cutting-edge responsive multiple channel online booking engine to let your travel company get a better competitive edge and earn the confidence and trust of your end users. While it is furnished with various other multiple features, we offer you the best opportunity to avail of it at the most unbeatable price in the industry.

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